iPad functionality everywhere

In 2009, Intel showed the Oasis project. It displays on all surfaces an interactive computer screen. One can control the 'screen' like a touch screen. Just like the iPad today. Cool.


Total Recall - MyLifeBits

MyLifeBits is a Microsoft research project by Gordon Bell & Jim Gemmell. Their idea is to capture as much data as possible that we come across every day. So from a camera hanging on their chest, they automatically capture a photo every 30 sec . They also constantly record audio, take geotaged photo's, digitize all their paper documents and so on. 

See the video for a more detailed explanation of their work and some use cases.I really like the health story (min 17) : 'they look a bit better, don't they"

More interesting read and watching on their Total Recall project page.



EEG Controlled Ping Pong Game

The racket moves upwards by left hand movement imagination and downwards by right hand movement imagination.

Read more.


Secret Knock Door Lock

Open your appartment door with a secret knock.A great idea and an great implementation, but would you also trust and use this?

This is made by

Integrating life translation into Google Goggles

See this amazing demo. Google Goggles translates life a German menu into English. It is still in development, but when they release it, I will use it, on one of my next trips to Japan, to translate Japanese menu's into English. I will finally know what I order ;-)

Read full article on the new Google translate blog.


Google QR barcode scanning & linking form the real world!

Google blew me (again) away today. They are introducing their new service Google Favorite Places.
This video explains how it works.
Very briefly, a store can put a barcode on its door. Passers can scan the barcode (QR) with their mobile and go directly to the stores webpage. After leaving the shop, one can consider to write a review.

Although the idea of hardlinking is not new, I have never seen an application as what Google is experimenting with.
If there is one company who has the drive and the motivation to get some leverage on new idea's and technology, it is certainly Google. I really like what they're doing!
Think of what else can be done with it :

  • In books or magazine, authors can add such a barcode when they referring to something that can be found on the internet. Say hyperlinks in hardcopy books.
  • Such barcodes can be printed on all products, directly linking to their product information page (providing much more details than possible on the product's package). Or to some commercial event(contest) around that product.
  • If all busstops were equiped with such a barcode, one could lookup that particular stop's itinary. Even information of the exact location of the coming bus could be shared. (including an estimation of arrival) Update 20100223 : this application is already implemented. See also QR code on the bottom of the page.
  • And so on ...

I think this technology has a huge potential to come to our daily life in the next coming years. I'm glad Google is smoothing the way for it.

At this site you can generate QR codes yourself.


Google store

Picture from leenks.com


Listen to customers?

"If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse"
Henry Ford. (Regarding the first car he ever built)

More quotes from Henry Ford.

"You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new" 
Steve Jobs.

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Reality is never so black and white ... but still ...


Medieval helpdesk

Hilarious ...


Do not touch paradox

From the book : Think the Opposite => See page 9/77



Beer throwing fridge - The dream of every man ?

Google Wave Cinema: Pulp Fiction

Humor & technology (& Pulp Fiction) is fantastic!

Google Wave : what is it and how can you use it.